About the Site

This began as a virtual resume space, which then became the home for the various web projects I created as part of my Master’s coursework. Then I had the great idea to use it as a portfolio showcase. Then 2020 happened. Then relocation happened. Then 70+ hour work weeks happened. Now I’m staring at this page, trying to decide what to do with it now.

About Me

I am currently an underemployed archivist who joined the field right as the COVID-19 pandemic shut everything down. I had grand designs, but with the effects of the pandemic still echoing through the industry’s job market, I am now keeping my skills up to date with continuing education, my own projects, and taking on the occasional freelance project.

When I’m not working, pretending to work, or procrastinating working, I can usually be found engaging in some act of creation. I discovered 3D printing in 2016 and I now have a workshop running two FDM and two MSLA printers. While the printers churn out a variety of creations, lately they’ve been used for making tabletop RPG terrain. Now and then, my printers need some TLC, so I take them apart and rebuild what needs to be rebuilt. One printer is working on becoming the next Ship of Theseus.

I also have been learning more about AI systems and am currently working on designing a web app that will utilize GPT-3 for generating RPG character sheets. It’s not going as smoothly as I hoped, especially once I got access to DALL-E and joined a whole new world generating fantasy landscapes, nightmare fuel, and cats in space.