A list of completed and in-progress projects in various stages of usefulness.


Lists of Useful Things for Library Students & Professionals
Expanded from the FEP guide. (not currently being updated)

Texas Woman’s University and the Final Exam Portfolio
A guide for Library and Information Science students at TWU who are or will be taking the Final Exam Portfolio. (not currently being updated)

Somewhat Archival
A website inspired by photographer Martin Parr’s Boring Postcards collection. These are postcards from my own collection. (re-design pending)

A Century of Buttons
What happens when 100+ years worth of buttons appears out of nowhere? They get catalogued, arranged, described, and photographed. (website not yet live)


Todesstern 9
Expansive world created for the Fate and Monster of the Week RPG systems. (wiki being ported to GMBinder)

For Funsies

Website for the band Anachronauts. (updated as band dictates)

Vintage Avatars
An old site made back when forum avatars was a big thing. (not currently being updated)